Partnership Seed Offerings

50,00 USD

Partnership Seed Offering, is important and plays a tremendous role in the ministry in aiding the Gospel and spreading God's word throughout the world and all nations. Remember your seed meets your needs in the mighty name of Jesus and your attitude determines your altitude, in Christ Jesus, become a giver and plant your seeds on fruitful ground, and recieve that yield of increase,plenty and bountiful, recieve a givers reward today...thank you for you kind act of generosity..... I decree and declare may your fruitbasket never runs dry in Jesus mighty name... Amen.

Delivery: Release by your faith
Additional info

Partnership Details: Please be advice to sow your seed at the end of the month,so that your application may be sorted, so that you maybe be listed as a partner of this ministry within a speedy time frame,in Jesus mighty name amen. Benefit's of being a Partner of this ministry. * Direct and Personal phone number and text line to contact the ministry any time. * Recieve update and newsletters. * Recieve One & One with the Man of God. * Become a servant of God.