Evangelist Duffus.

Halleluyah,the gospel must be spread, send your email @ heavengatesministry@gmail.com, remember little is much when God is in it, glory to God.

Evangelist Rohshane.R.Duffus,Founder of Heaven Gates Ministry Church Of All Praises (Psalms 150:6),Former landscaper,Former Security Officer,Certified Peer Councilor, Born and raised in a town called,Annotto Bay,St.Mary, Jamaica,W.I. This Devine medium purpose is to spread the true and living gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the entire world to each and every nation,the main intentions of  this ministry is to awake the sleep,give sight to the blind and edify the people and bring forth all his sheep into his pastures, Jesus Christ is Lord (John 3:16)...

God Is ; Awesome,Hallelujah.

The Lord is able and his promise is true,he never fails,Jesus Christ,never lies,just trust in him and set your thought's and action's upon God,he will mend every broken bones,God will see you through.

May your fruit basket never,Runs dry,I Declare and Decree a Major Over Flow and Turn around in your Financial Life,May your Finances never decrease,in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ  of Nazareth,Amen.

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Sign up and become apart of God's devine ministry and receive healing,miracles,breakthroughs and deliverance. We also host conference 7 days per week 12:am,6:am,3:pm and 9:pm,the numbers to join are (712) 451-0945,dial then enter the access code 236778,you can also download the freeconferencecall app at playstore.com or google.com,to hear the gospel and join the powerful man of God,Evangelist/Prophet Rohshane.R.Duffus,in mighty warfare and spiritual prayers.

Let Jesus,raised you up Today!!!!

There comes a time,in your life when,it appears to be so hard,when things appears to be like there is no way,when it even become dark and it seems like there is no hope,then loneliness,tries to take control,then suicidal thoughts,tries to creep in,at this point it's almost like you're about to take your last breathed,but i have news for you,that's a lie from the devil,take the last breath of faith,breathe on Jesus,called upon his name and seek his holy spirit,so that the hands of God may rest upon your life,by your faith,to wipe away all your tears.- John 14:6.

What's Troubling You,Share With Us......

Worries,worries,worries,day in and day out,that is one of satan most deadly devices that he uses to destroy the mind of a believer,if the mind is corrupt my brothers and sisters,the devil knows our weakness so he will always attack you at your weakest point just enough to try to destroy your faith/trust in God,he knows that the mind is the most powerful part of any individual,what ever a man thinketh so is he,time to throw the worry aside and seek a friend his name is Jesus.


Hallelujah,Holy and Righteous is the Lamb of God,The Son of Man,The Son of God,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,He is Holy and his words,are true,cast all your burdens unto the Lord,for only he and he alone have the answers to all your problems,he can solved them,with just a "Amen",Blessed is the Lord thy God,"for i am in the Father and the Father is within me".- John 14:11.

Marriage and Family Council...

Seek help,advice submit your prayer request now!!!,in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,recieve aid in prayers,today.Time to stop the enemy from kill,steal and destroy your life,may the power and might of God, grant a total turn around in your favor,I declare and decree restoration in this season for you,receive your portion today,may love,peace,respect and happiness,embrace your life,time to let God take control of your spouse,household,friends,family and your workplace.

Give Your All.......

It comes,through fasting and prayer,and continuous connection with God, within his word.

I am gone to prepare,a place for you,in my father's house,are many mansion.-John 14:2.

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick,the lord shall raise him up;and if he have sins,they shall be forgiven him.Confess your faults one to another,and pray one for another,that ye may be healed.The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.-James 5:15-16. Trust in God with all your heart my brothers and sisters,lean not unto your own understanding,have a blessed and prosperous day,may his peace be upon you,your love ones and all that concerns you.I declare and decree,it is well with your soul,stay bless.

Sow Your Faith Seed Now!!!

Malachi 3:10                                              Bring ye all the tithes into the store house,that there may be meat in mine house,and prove me now herewith,saith the Lord of hosts,if I will not open unto you the windows of heaven,and pour you out a blessings,that there shall not be room enough to recieve it.

Everything Else Must Wait.......

Lord am here not by my will but yours oh lord,so have your way with me,blessed be the mighty name of Jesus Christ our king,here oh lord I stand,as a living sacrifice,my desire is in your hands oh lord step by step,day by day, lord everything else most wait.......

Child Deliverance.

The children are the future, if our children aren't secure then imagine, what their future will become, as parents we constantly struggle with our children's behavior, disrespectful, stubborn  and rebellious mentality, well worry no more, the time for your child's prophetic deliverance and breakthrough, through prayer by your faith and your trust in God, through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  of Nazareth as come!!!, so act by faith and watch the glory of  God begin to transform your children and even you.

There's power,where he is.....


Boys and Girls,Men and Women,the time as come,for your deliverance from bondage,worry and stress,let it go,the pain ,the hate,the scar,let it go unto the king,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,seek help and to tell you the truth,Jesus alone can solve,all the problems,send your request today,for aid in prayer,guidance and councilling.

Limitations are just lies,from the devil,close your ears to,what he has to say and listen to the voice of God,hold on to Jesus Christ of Nazareth,and ride out your,storm.

The Health Stop...

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,I declare and decree that no sickness can hold you down,no matter how long the journey that you have been walking is,no matter how hard it may seems,don't give up just remember God is in control he has done it already,he will surely do it again,asked and it shall be given,knock and it shall be opened,seek and you shall surely find,just have faith and believe in God for a total healing and restoration within your health,as the woman with the issue of blood touch the garment of Jesus Christ,she was healed.-Luke 8:43-48,Matthew 9:20-22,Mark 5:25-34.

JESUS SAVES...........

I Declare and Decree,that you shall not die,but live and testify the greatness of God,by the blood of Jesus Christ,in the mighty name of Jesus,all chains,holding back,your health,wealth,spirituality,career,financies,relationships,marriage, lovelife,partners,jobs,children, household,friends,community, social life,may it be concealed,every demonic ties are rendered powerless and broken,now!!!in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,may his blood,release you from all shackles and spiritual bondages.


I Surrender,I Want To Love You More......

No more doubts,setbacks nor delay,time to love,pray and seek him more,time to surrender all unto Jesus Christ of Nazareth,if any man hear my voice and open the door,i will come in and followship with him.-Revelation 3:20.


When you testify the glory of God,as a encounter of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,you're developing a bond between you and God,this  bond that is created,is called free communcation,the more you trust and hold on to God and trust in his words and testify,it glorifies the name and  the power of God,it empowers you and your faith,to become a believer and it also helps to established the church/ministry to spread the gospel of God.

Heaven Gates Ministry.

Enrolled now!!!,To become apart of this gospel ministry,sign up to join the powerful prophetic movement, for God's devine intervention, miracles,healing and breakthroughs,, The Soul Trian is moving ,don't let it leave you,we wish you a elevated and eye opening,transformation in your life,we declare and decree a total turn around for you,in the mighty name of the Lord thy God,Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Time Has Come!!!

God is a spirit,so therefore we worship him in spirit and in truth,Sanctify yourself thus said the Lord,Then worship me.-Jesus Christ.

Peace,it is the deepest,most closet                           connection with God,Peace conquers hate,and demolish wars,The peace of God allows,you as a believer to love and forgive your enemies,to make peace,with those who have deeply wrong you,There are some scars and wounds in our life that are very deep,at times may even seems,so hard to over come,But when the Peace of God is upon,your life you are truly a overcomer,"The Peace of God,passeth,all understanding"-Philippians 4:6-7.

He Died,For You and  For Me!!!!

JOHN 3:16.
For God,so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,so that who so ever believeth in him,shall not perish,but have everlasting,Life.


Love,is the most valuable possession of a child of God, the love for others is great,but the love of God is even greater,this love and all it's attributes, must first be found within,one's inner man (Spirituality),then it should be co-operated with one's,everyday life,so that the meaning of God's love may be understandeth by all men and then  be established and practice,throughout the world and be adopted by all nations.Love eradicate war and promote peace,love brings joy and prosperity to who ever applies it,in spirit and truth,abide by the father so that the father may abideth in thee.

Love and let love live-Evangilist R.Duffus.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord,blessed be his mighty name,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,Leave the False and accept the truth,for the word of the lord said for my children as forgotten me due to lock of knowledge,stick to the truth and hold on to all the things of Christ Jesus and all his righteousness,stay bless and remained empowered in the presence of God.

For the Lord said unto us anything asked in my name you shall received,there is so much glory in the name of Jesus Christ our king,let go and let God,let God arise in your life like never before,for the glory and honour of his might,for the Lord is wondrous in all his glory and might,for the battle my brothers and sisters is not yours it belongs to the Lord,let Jesus Christ of Nazareth,fight for you.-For the prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself,but the simple man pass on and are punished.-Proverbs 22:3.

Happiness awaits you, in Paradise.

A Miracle Working God!!!!!!

He gives,sight to the blind,and guide his sheep's,for he's our Shepherd,and we are the sheep's of his pastures.just have faith and believe,be not conformed,to this world,my brothers and sisters,"Woe unto thee,who called evil,good and good,evil.-Isaiah 5:20.

Wars are normally started because of hate,hate causes men to dislike,disagree and disregard each other.Hate destroys the heart,mind and soul of men,it makes one to become selfish and corrupt,but not to worry my brothers and sisters,there is actually a evil spirit working behind the actions of this word "hate",the devil is a liar and he has many tricks up his sleeve's,along with demonic instruments and devices,he knows how to corrupt and indoctrinates,then controls the minds of men,that is why we need and can't live,without God's devine peace.The peace of God passeth all understanding,with God's peace,hate shall be no more,the heart of men shall and will become a vessel of love.


I declare and decree,the blessings of Moses,over you,the Lord,shall be your deliverer........

Praise the Lord.... Psalms 150:6.

The lord thy God...

Finally,my brethren,be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.Put on the whole armor of God,that he may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God,that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,and having done all,to stand.-Ephesians 6:10-13. This is why prayer,is important and why it is absolutely necessary to pray and include prayer in your daily routine,so that we may dominate and destroy,the plans of the devil.

The Change has come,so come and take a walk with our,Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,who died on the Cross for you and for me. John 3:16.

We were all born in Sin,but we don't have to live in sin,we live in a wicked and dreadful world,fill of lies,hate and deceit,this is so and will always be so until,the heart of  man,become like christ,man thinks like the devil and the devil thinks like man,there is no good in man,until you have been washed,by the blood and become Christlike,then thee shall inherit eternal peace,while passing through this world,the highway to heaven.

Heaven Gates Ministry.

Freely given, Freely shall recieve.


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Healing,Miracles and Deliverance.

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About Evangelist Duffus.

Evangelist R.Duffus,formally known as "GospelKidd"Born and raised in Annotto Bay,St. Mary,Jamaica,W.I,At the age of 24 living a life of sin,shame and disgrace,I heard the voice of the lord , called out to me,at a mass rally,one late June,I will never forget my very first encounter with the holy spirit,I was living a life of lies, hate, shame,Fornication,total sin,even drug abuse to certain extend, but then,I met,Jesus Christ of Nazareth who died for you and me,am now a child of God safe,delivered and sanctify,I can sing and shout his mighty name hallelujah,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,I want you my brothers and sisters to do the same blessed be the name of Jesus Christ,today is your Day,Tonight is your Night,halleluyah,Amen.

With kind regards, Ministry Tell# :1876-781-8313